Harris Fuel - Broke my Fence

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments

Harris fuel had a contract to deliver fuel oilt o my house, because our fence is old and not great, I've had it barricaded to prevent my dogs from wandering the neighborhood.The driver for Harris broke my gate and never said a word.

Since we never use that gate I did not notice it was literally laying on the ground until my dog got out a few times. After calling to complain I was told a manager would reach out to me. When Mr.

Harris called I expected an appology at least, he informed me that after visiting the house, he saw a very poor quality gate (i'm aware) and would send someone to screw it back together.At no point did he acknowledge the real issue here- Crappy gate or not, you destroyed my property and put my pets at great risk without so much as a sticky note on my door warning me that the gate to my yard that is not in plain sight had been ruined.

Review about: Heating Oil Provider.

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